Dr. Donald Boland

Dr. Donald Boland with the encouragement of his mentor and teacher Dr Woodbury, obtained his Doctorate in Philosophy at the Angelicum in Rome. From 1970 to 1985 taught philosophy at various Catholic educational institutions in and around Sydney. Since 1986 he has lectured at the Centre for Thomistic Studies and is the current Director. Formerly a lawyer, he has also taught Law at the University of Newcastle and Ethics at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Peter Kalina

Peter Kalina has been involved with the Centre since 1990. After receiving a Bachelor of Education he has been teaching at the high school level since the early 1980s Mathematics. Since then he has fallen in love with the Centre for Catholic Studies and has been involved with the Centre since 1990. He teaches Ecclesiastical Latin at the Centre but has dabbled in Ethics and Dogmatic Theology. In his spare time he teaches at the Latin Summer School at the University of Sydney.

Frank Cudmore

Frank Cudmore is an engineer with a BsC in Communications and Master of Engineering Science in Industrial Engineering. Frank studied under Dr. Woodbury for many years and continued as the Aquinas Academy transitioned to the Centre for Catholic Studies. Though Frank is now a lecturer, teaching mainly in Pyschology, you can still spot the perennial learner in classes from time to time. Frank is also the Registrar of the Centre.

Fr Mannes Tellis OP

Fr Mannes Tellis OP is a Dominican friar and ordained priest and is currently the Catholic Chaplain to the University of Sydney. He holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Theology and a Masters in Theological Studies as well as a Graduate Diploma in Education. Fr Mannes interest is in Thomistic Ethics and Moral Theology.

Daniel Younan

Daniel Younan has been lecturing in Thomistic Philosophy and Theology for over 6 years now at the Centre for Catholic Studies. He is currently bridging between his Masters in Theology and Doctorate in Philosophy, focusing on the Aristotelian principle of prime matter (followed by St Thomas Aquinas) and the Suazerian principle of prime matter. He is also currently in the process of being ordained as a Maronite Catholic Priest.

Daniel also holds qualifications in Music, majoring in vocal production and is currently working on his second studio album. Daniel lives with his wife and son in Sydney, Australia.

Veronica Selwyn

Veronica has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English literature, and has worked as a tutor and researcher. She began her studies at CCS in 2008 and has developed particular interest in Moral Philosophy and Eschatology. A new addition to the CCS staff, she is passionate about her faith and is keen to share it with others.